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Need a party bus get it from us. Safe and reliable transportation


PGF Transportation wants each and every client to feel free and relax. Arriving to your destination safe and enjoying the ride is the focus. There no need to stop for the restroom it on the bus. A club on wheels bring the food, drinks and have a excellent time. Book with us online, email, we except text message also or call 313 459 2252 9am -6pm Mondays thru Saturdays.  With hard work and a focus mind there is no limit to achievement.

[email protected]

A business that was started by two individuals who wants their clients to have wonderful time each and every time. Loyal and respect is the foundation of PGF Transportation everyone should be respected.

Need a party bus get it from us 


Pearl, the first party bus of PGF Transportation. One of largest in town. Her beauty speaks for itself. With a sound system that can be heard upon arrival.  One of a kind, perfect for any and all occasions. A club on wheels! With two poles! And, yes she have a restroom.